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This website is designed for plant lovers. There are no statues, Wellingtons or birdbaths in here, just the hard to find tools and accessories that can help you get the best performance from your plants. We hope that you find what you are looking for here but if there are other things you need and that you feel will be attractive to our customers then please email us with any suggestions.

"Gardening" means different things to different people but here at Emerald City Garden Supplies it just means growing plants. The thing that has changed in recent years is that you can grow plants all year round. Advances in all areas of plant nutrition, growing systems and lighting mean that you can grow the plants you love, whenever the mood takes you.

Yes of course you can grow strawberries for Christmas. You just need a bit of space - a shelf will do - and some purpose designed plant lighting, such as LightWave.

Many of our products have been sourced or developed from the commercial horticultural sector or have been imported from around the world. The emphasis is always on quality and effectiveness. Thus we have the amazing Root Riot cubes from Maine, the EZ - Clone propagators from California and Clonex Rooting Gel, originally from Australia.
Also from Australia we have the amazing Autopot range which we believe will change the way we all grow plants.

Featuring an impressive selection of cutting edge gardening supplies including organic nutrients; natural insect controls; hydroponics; indoor plant grow lights; propagation and irrigation supplies, Emerald City is your reliable source of hard-to-find products for the habitual gardener. Many of these items are unavailable from Garden Centres and other run of the mill retail outlets.